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Since the brands inception in 2003, Lonely Hearts Club has quickly become known for their distinctly recognizable and unique design aesthetic.

With backgrounds in fashion and graphic design, the idea to create Lonely Hearts Club came from their similar love of fabrics, prints and interesting clothing. Designers Aimee McFariane, Helene Morris and Steve Ferguson have recently moved from Wellington to Auckland to coincide with the opening of their flagship store M Y H A R T in O'Connell Street.

Unexpected and sometimes unusual themes make up the design process of each collection. The designer?s creative and sporty backgrounds have subtly shaped the undertones of the Lonely Hearts Club Aesthetic. Slouchy garments are often the foundation of each range and wearability is always the key. The use of black and white and maintaining the brands individuality is the backbone of each collection.



Brains for Dinner Spring/Summer 2010

Welcome boys & ghouls,

Ever sucked face with a zombie chick?

The ghostly vision of a beautiful sleepwalker reborn as a zombie helped breed inspiration for the Lonely Hearts SS10 collection.

To that we added a healthy dose of Peter Jackson?s Braindead a slice of comedy from the movie Zombie Strippers and a hint of religion and hearsay.

Gothic inspired Victorian Lace, nightgown floral, Flesh toned fabric washes, and a light as a ghost palette are the backbone of the collection. Over stained paisley, half drowned polka dots, bleeding dye washes and splatters of yellow add punch to the muted and delicate colour story.

Easy fits, structured yet relaxed tailoring, soft drapes and considered lengths, lend dresses a wearable and sophisticated edge.

Garments are sliced, backs and waists are cut open, and sleeves are slashed in thoughtful areas to create a dismembered look. Chunky zips, web trims, laddered seams and Brassier detailing uplift each garments spirits. Never one to play their own harp, press and buyers from Australia, Japan, Dubai, and beyond have been singing praises for a collection you?ll be possessed by.